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Cremeria Milano Founder

Guido Benucci


Cremeria Milano produces luxury handmade ice cream in Italy, the homeland of ice cream.

Our way of making ice cream has never changed for decades. We only use the highest quality raw materials, because we know that the ingredients are the essence of the quality of an ice cream. For this reason, freshness is indispensable for us and we have selected the suppliers for years, with whom we can make a unique ice cream together. We are far away from industrial or semi-industrial ice cream production. We were born as craftsmen making “tailor made” products and we would like to maintain it, also in our ice cream parlors around the world.

Because we have the ambition to succeed in the export of original Italian ice cream not only with its production technique but also with the philosophy that inspires and makes it a unique and inimitable product.

We apply the same working style in our ice cream parlors around the world as in our parlors in Italy.
Typical Italian production process is performed at every location and the best and freshest locally available ingredients are selected. On the other hand, we pay attention to adapt the Italian style to taste and traditions of the host country: Italian recipe with local ingredients and preparation.

In Trento, where we are originated, like in Turkey or Czech Republic, everything is done in the same manner. All with the best and style.

Cremeria Milano: competence, knowledge and a touch of charm. Our keywords.



We, at all times, prefer the absolute excellent raw materials wherever around the world; because we can only in this manner maintain the high quality of original handmade Italian ice cream.

Cremeria Milano offers only original and balanced recipes in line with the best Italian ice cream art: the healthy products that combine quality, consistency of production and refined taste. Our production laboratories are the outcome of the long and exclusive experiences gained in the original Trento laboratory where the studies performed on raw materials, recipes and production processes for years have led to a competence, which enables us to produce the ice cream with unique and distinctive style for our customers. Always fresh, always balanced and always perfect. This experience has been transferred to our laboratories in Turkey and Czech Republic to guarantee our customers to have the same excellence.

Cremeria Milano: competence, knowledge and a touch of charm. Our keywords.



Cremeria Milano believes that ice cream, like any product with the highest quality, has to follow the natural rhythms of the seasons.

Our peculiar characteristics are that the types of our fruit ice creams change by the seasons and we always seek the right fruit at the right time of its ripening. Any ingredient from milk to fruit, exotic spices and the water, which sounds simple, is the result of the seeking maximum freshness and quality, and the regular control. Therefore, it is crucial for us to know and study local markets, to determine the locally available ingredients and to find the ones which can be adapted to our exclusive Italian handmade ice cream recipes.
Because ingredients are the essential component of a perfect ice cream; but it’s all pointless without the knowledge of how to use them and how to make this magical mixture of milk, fruit and ice into an excellent ice cream.

The same technicians, with whom we work to reach the maximum quality in our ice cream parlors in Italy, are invited to work with us when we open a new parlor.

So the quality of Cremeria Milano is always kept at same level and unreachable thanks to the indefinable touch by which our customers recognize us.

Cremeria Milano: competence, knowledge and a touch of charm. Our keywords.


IceCream Without Gluten

The celiac disease is a growing problem and Cremeria Milano has been offering special ice cream to celiac patients for a long time.

We do our best to avoid using the ingredients which cause problems in celiac patients or people with gluten intolerance.

We know that some flour types can cause several problems and therefore we do not use them in almost any product: we use flour only in Tiramisu and Bignolata, and in wafers. Our attention to the customers provides us to be seriousness and transparency at most: we cannot guarantee that the products do not contain flour 100% because of the trace amount of flour due to that the flour products and no-flour products are produced in the same lines. The celiac patients should be informed on this point which is the result of the handmade ice cream production process.



Cremeria Milano produces the ice cream in a simple way.

Our ice cream masters have the years of experience and work with the right process times, neither too fast nor too slow.

Our machines are the outcome of the long years of experience and the progressive improvement. We had our machines produced by the best manufacturers based on our own planning and exclusive design, because we care about only the quality of the final product. And this quality is at a level which is incomparable to the level obtained with the standard machinery used in the ice cream industry.

The manufacturer companies of our machines in Italy manufacture identical machines for all of our ice cream parlors around the world.

Naturally, all production process is strictly inspected by local authorities, which verifies quality standards.



Apparently, all is simple. It is so simple to make our ice cream: it is enough to have fresh ingredients as much as possible.

However it is actually not easy at all and anything cannot be improvised: choosing the most appropriate seasonal fruit among the different local options to make ice cream is an art. And art cannot be learned.

Here also our keywords: competence, knowledge and a touch of charm.


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